Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Service of What?

Extended Comments:

For this weeks blog I would like to expand off of Emily O's blog! Her last paragraph of her blog was:

In class I'd like to discuss more ways that we can better service learning and how we can do more after this service learning project. I don't want it to end here, I know it won't but I want to work on everything about service learning.

In your first question, when you ask for more ways that we can better service learning is that everyone needs to teach with passion. We are taking FNED 346 because we want to be teachers in the future. We all have certain knowledge that we want to share with others, and now is a great time do so. When you walk into the classroom every week you should be excited to be there. You should make sure that your students know that you want to be there too! Knowing that they can count on another person consistently being in their life, may help them make it through the day. Also, make sure you are using words of encouragement when you are helping the students and keep expressing that learning is fun, and its good. Many students at the schools that we are going to, may not have family members who attend college, and they must be the first one. Express the importance of college, and graduating high school. Tell them what wonderful things happen when you stay in school. Remember, these students are the future of America. 

As you said, you do not want the service learning project to end, neither do I. I feel that we are truly making an impact on these students lives, and I want to help more. Although being in a classroom, and teaching students is not overall what I want to do with my major, being a physical education/health education teacher I do have passion for helping students. Volunteering is always an option! Many students are looking for volunteers with the same passion that they have to help students. I am sure VIPS is always looking for people to volunteer, because there are thousands of students in the providence district may need some extra help. 

I am looking forward to going to my school, and working with my students over the next month and a half, because I truly feel like I am making a difference in that students academic life, and I am helping them become the best student to their potential. 


  1. I completely agree with you about the VIPS tutoring. I feel honored knowing that I am making a difference in these students' academic lives. At first I was very nervous my first day but now I look forward going back every week! The kids love having me there and seeing that smile on their face when I walk into the classroom makes me feel welcomed.

  2. I really liked your post! I agree with you and Emily because i feel the same way as you do. I really enjoy helping the kids out with things that they struggle with even though i dont want to be in a classroom like you. I still feel like this experience helps us because we are able to be around kids and everything that we do now will help us in our futures.

  3. I also really enjoyed your post, I completely agree that we need to all be passionate! I too want to continue my service learning project and look forward to going each week.

  4. I agree completely with this post (and Emily's Blog). I really don't enjoy being in my classroom and feel like there an be so many more improvements but being with the students and knowing that I helped them and improved the way that they study or understand things is the biggest achievement in the world!