Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Service of What?

Extended Comments:

For this weeks blog I would like to expand off of Emily O's blog! Her last paragraph of her blog was:

In class I'd like to discuss more ways that we can better service learning and how we can do more after this service learning project. I don't want it to end here, I know it won't but I want to work on everything about service learning.

In your first question, when you ask for more ways that we can better service learning is that everyone needs to teach with passion. We are taking FNED 346 because we want to be teachers in the future. We all have certain knowledge that we want to share with others, and now is a great time do so. When you walk into the classroom every week you should be excited to be there. You should make sure that your students know that you want to be there too! Knowing that they can count on another person consistently being in their life, may help them make it through the day. Also, make sure you are using words of encouragement when you are helping the students and keep expressing that learning is fun, and its good. Many students at the schools that we are going to, may not have family members who attend college, and they must be the first one. Express the importance of college, and graduating high school. Tell them what wonderful things happen when you stay in school. Remember, these students are the future of America. 

As you said, you do not want the service learning project to end, neither do I. I feel that we are truly making an impact on these students lives, and I want to help more. Although being in a classroom, and teaching students is not overall what I want to do with my major, being a physical education/health education teacher I do have passion for helping students. Volunteering is always an option! Many students are looking for volunteers with the same passion that they have to help students. I am sure VIPS is always looking for people to volunteer, because there are thousands of students in the providence district may need some extra help. 

I am looking forward to going to my school, and working with my students over the next month and a half, because I truly feel like I am making a difference in that students academic life, and I am helping them become the best student to their potential. 

I found this picture today and I thought it was very interesting because we were just talking about this in class last week. It shows the average disney princess but dressed in promiscuous clothing, because children today sometimes believe that they need to dress sexy to be beautiful.

what do you guys think about this picture??

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us--Christensen


Afte reading this article i thought it was very interesting.  I agreed with many things that Christensen said, but i also believed that some of her points were not valid.  I believe that parents should monitor what their children are watching, but many shows "go right over their head".  A nickelodeon classic, Spongebob Squarepants is a great example. Almost every kid loves to watch that show, and they love to see the different adventures that Spongebob and Patrick go on. The children do not see the hidden inappropriate messages that some adults may see. Such as-- The Krusty Krab is in Bikini Bottom, and their are many other situations. Children do not see this, and they just like the show for the entertainment. Also, their are many hidden messages in Disney Movies, but you cannot just stop watching these classics. Every child should grow up watching The Lion King, or The little Mermaid.

The real question should not be to ban everything completely, but you should find ways that are appropriate for children, and if they do not make a big deal about something, than neither should their parents.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi everyone!! sorry I am so late posting this blog but my life has been crazy busy the past few weeks, with school, work, and now playing lacrosse for RIC.

After spending about an hour looking over the GLSEN website I found many things very interesting. I felt that I could relate to some topics and other things i found vey informational about.  I thought that this group does a lot of good for everyone. I personally liked the fact that they had a believe that is very important to have in any school because no matter what, students of all ages are being bullied not just because of their sexual orientation, but it could be a whole combination of many different things. No student should ever be made fun of because they are "different" because in reality everyone is different and that just makes you who you are. 

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

The above sentence is the firs line in the groups mission statement. I believe that it is important to live by that statement, and everyone needs to be accepting of the differences each person brings to the table. You dont get to choose who you are, but you do get to choose how you are, and how you accept and react to situations that are brought forward.  It is very important that everyone feels safe, and is able to express themselves freely with out having to worry what people think about them. That is why I feel GLSEN is a very important group.