Thursday, May 5, 2011


Way back in March, around 75 people came to the Student Union Ballroom to play a fun game of sex toy bingo. There was well over thirty different kinds of sex toys that the winner of each bingo round could go up and claim as theirs.  This bingo event was held by Athena's a home novelty organization. To play bingo was free, but they encouraged students to bring old bras so that they could donate them to the breast cancer society to help find a cure. Before the game, one of the Athena Goddesses explained to everyone the proper ways to use the toys to make sure they were safe for everyone. It was defiantly quite the experience!!

I can relate this event to the Linda Christensen piece that we read. This type of event is definitely for digital natives! Not really sure if I could see my parents attending an event like this ;) Although I am sure that sex toys have been around for a very long time, the sex toys that were displayed at this event seemed to be more m up to date and more intriguing to students.

Another piece of literature that I can connect this to is the week we talked about GLSEN. There were toys available for anyone and everyone. Being gay, transgender, straight, lesbian. It didn't matter if you won their was a prize for you!

one of the toys you could have won

I can connect this event to The Susan B. Koman breast cancer society because all of the bras that were donated were sent directly to her foundation to help find a cure. 

Overall this event was a great way to get people together and all help a great cause! The women's studies group that put on this event were very pleased/shocked at the turnout because they did not think that many people were going to attend. Overall I really enjoyed this event, and it was something different to do on your average tuesday night at Rhode Island College.

If you are intrested in learning more or hosting your own sex toy party feel free to contact any Athenas Godess :)

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